Vuka is already making an impact. Here’s what people have to say:

“I have held a variety of events at VUKA co-op; camps, workshops, and classes for both adults
and children alike.

The space at VUKA really lends itself to being created anew each time,
transitioning easily from raw to finished quickly and easily. It can hold large groups in the
massive space or allow for intimate gatherings by either partitioning off a section with the
comfortable furnishings, or secluding oneself in the conference room, meeting or event space.

I love VUKA for it’s flexibility and for the energy that lives in the space because of all the
amazing art and music and healing arts that have been practiced there.

It is a sanctuary for the arts and for community and it never ceases to evoke an ooh and aah
from people when they enter.

Bernadette Noll
Slow Family Living
Future Craft Collective


The event was a smashing success!

It was beautiful, the facility was perfect, and the crowd seemed very pleased and we have gotten great positive feedback. Everyone at ACPTA is very pleased!

Susan Slattery
Program Lead for the Austin City Council of PTA’s (ACPTA) Reflections Art Exhibit


I’ve been co-facilitating men’s work at Vuka for several months, and I find it to be an ideal event space.

I’ve been co-facilitating men’s work at Vuka for several months, and I find it to be an ideal event space. It’s always clean & presentable and the aesthetic is stylish, utilitarian and minimal.

Vuka is also set back from the road, and extremely spacious, so it’s quiet, with enough privacy for us to get as quiet or as loud as we want, which is essential when you have 12 brawny men beating their chests and screaming about their feelings.

I also love that there are multiple levels, as well as a backyard space. The space itself lends a lot of interesting opportunities to various exercises and experiences that we wouldn’t have elsewhere.

All in all, Vuka is pretty much perfect for our gatherings.

Mateo J. Daniel
Co-Facilitator for Mankind Project Men’s Group


Vuka Studios is a great place/environment that allowed us to achieve our own creative visions…

in a facility versatile enough for us to record a live music video that incorporated live sound, art, lighting, and space.

Hour Band

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